Vlone Runtz strain

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Vlone Runtz strain

Vlone runtz strain. This is a great strain so far. Vlone is a runtz strain made by crossing Zkittlez and gelato weed strains. We also discovered that Vlone had been the leading strain since vVone was discovered years back. It is loved by many. This runtz strain has many effects that are both positive and negative effects. Vlone has a very great uplifting feeling when smoked. When you smoke this strain, you feel relaxed and tingly. You can also get significant results after you smoke this strain, such as feeling euphoric.

Effect of vlone runtz

Vlone strain has many effects of satisfaction and also some adverse effects when smoked.

  • It makes you feel uplifted, and This means that you can smoke this strain at all times. This strain is primarily suitable for people who work all through.
  • I earlier said this strain is the best so far because it makes you relaxed.  It gives you that great feeling when you get stressed at work.
  • Everyone smokes weed to get that euphoric feeling, and this strain is the best so far.

Above all the positive effects labeled above, this strain also have adverse effects, which include;

  • It gives you dry eyes and makes you feel dizzy. Above all, this is the best strain so far.

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3 reviews for Vlone Runtz strain

  1. highgraderuntz

    OMG been looking for this product for a while now. this really taste good and i got a referral from my friend who got a package from you guys last week.

  2. Mark

    Yeah this shit really taste cool. I myself love this shit. Nigga been tripping for it

  3. James Moore

    I enjoyed the package I ordered though I had a little headache when I started taking it but it was so amazing and I love the high of it.

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